Medical cannabis patients frequently get Chemdawg for help for pain, irritation, and muscle fits. Along these lines, patients with psychological well-being conditions, for example, depression and interminable stress, additionally love the elevating and imaginative vibe of this strain.




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Buy chemdawg online .chemdawg 4 is an intense half breed phenotype from the Chemdawg family. Nonetheless, this impactful herb rouses inventive reasoning and delivers a profoundly loosening up body high. Buy chemdawg online Montana Order marijuana in Alabama chemdawg for sale in Kentucky

Chemdawg, also known as Chemdawg, might be from your parent’s generation, but there’s a reason it’s famous as ever.

The Chemdawg strain is a potent hybrid with a linked history to the Grateful Dead – or so they say. Legend states the seeds changed hands between Dead Heads (touring fanatics of the Grateful Dead) in their camp.

The details are a little murky, but thankfully it happened, and we’ve got the pleasure to meet Chemdawg.

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Since the specifics of Chemdawg are little more folklore than facts, it’s hard to know exactly where the strain’s genetics. But it’s assumed to be a cross of Thai Indica and Nepalese Sativa. Regardless of results, breeders across North America love to play Frankenstein with its DNA, including OG Kush, to create the powerhouse OG Chem. Platinum OG Kush

Needless to say, but more hippies should trade seeds at concerts, it’s worked out in everybody’s favour.



Chemdawg is a pungent strain that packs a punch of diesel. Breaking the bud open reveals a slightly citrus aroma in certain strains, but the flower reaks of gas. You may want to crack a window or avoid smoking indoors at all.

If you do decide to smoke inside, the first thing you’ll notice is the diesel smell everywhere, including your house, nose and mouth.

If you’re paying attention, you’ll find a hint of pine hiding in the bushes.


Chemdawg Effects + Benefits

Chemdawg has a little something for everybody. It’s a full-body experience that begs for your awareness. The first horse out the gate is cerebral, beginning with the growth of imagination. You may find yourself playing the role of philosopher, painter, pottery pro, singer or stand up comedian. It doesn’t matter the path you choose; a shit-eating grin covers your face. White Fire OG Strain

We did mention there’s a little bit for everyone, so we continue to the other half of this yin and yang strain. As you discover your new-found artistry, a myriad of sensations rolls down the body. A surge of sedation sits just under the skin, massaging every muscle, then slowly drops to the floor. Afghan Kush

With Chemdawg’s variety of effects, it only fits the number of medicinal uses it has. It is ranging from Bipolar disorder, Depression, Stress, chronic pain and potential cases of PTSD.Buy Skywalker OG Kush

Chemdawg is the legendary full package. Not in your collection? Then what are you waiting for? Order yours today. Super lemon haze

Up to 20-22% THC

Lab Tested Results:

THC: 22%

CBD: 0.1%

Buy chemdawg online Montana Order marijuana in Alabama chemdawg for sale in Kentucky

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A classic strain, and a really great one as well. The buds are nice, very sticky and frosty, but maybe a bit damp. Has a pleasant earthy smell with hints of wood and perhaps fruit. The smoke is great, creeping higher and higher over the course of a joint, coming out to a nice long lasting body stone. I am enjoying Chemdawg.