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Harlequin has tight, dense buds of medium size. Its leaves are medium green with pistils that vary in color from orange to vivid red. Despite lower than average concentrations of THC, Harlequin is typically covered in sticky white trichomes. When properly cured, the buds smell musky with traces of tropical fruit underneath. The combusted flowers have a woody, earthy scent and taste of mango and citrus fruits when inhaled. The smooth smoke is not known to induce coughing, and it finishes with a rich, hasty aftertaste.

Because its THC content is so low, and because its high CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of that THC, Harlequin is not likely to get the user particularly high. Any mental effects take the form of an uplift in mood, conferring a mellow mindset and allowing for some mild anxiety relief. Some users report an increased sense of focus or a shift in perspective, but just as frequently, they’re able to pull themselves out of this altered state and closer to sobriety.

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I'm a sativa only kind of person, but I recently tried this thinking the body buzz and flavor would give me an appetite and it did! I use this at all times of the day ( i work from home) , and I like it best when im first waking up and at night. I prefer not to do it out and about as it gets me pretty baked. I have been using it in a THC cartidge for almost a week. P.S. love this app! I use it every time when looking for new strains :)

Rhonda Lake

I keep coming back to this strain. I’ve had bad insomnia as far back as I can remember. (I’m 30) I have high anxiety. (PTSD) I don’t eat when I’m stressed, so I’ve lost my appetite and too much weight. (I love food so that part really sucks.) This strain checks all the boxes for me and it was a hard combo for me to find. It slows my thoughts down so I can relax and get to sleep. It relaxes my anxiety so I can live. (Lol) In the morning I wake up super hungry so I start my day off actually eating something. So, yea, I'm crazy down with this strain lol. And it’s a fruity indica!!! If you have searched, you know it’s hard to find (and I’m not talking about blueberry or blackberry, those aren’t really fruity.). So, thanks Potters.

Issac Mendez

This strain is my top favorite strain out of all strains I’ve ever had. First, 5 hits I took slapped me in the face and got me zooted. Felt super happy, energetic, creative but then indica hits, and all I was doing was laughing at the dumbest stuff ever. Highly recommended.