Dominant Origins: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Effects: Euphoric relaxation provides relief from depression, pain, and insomnia.

Aroma: Earthy, Citrus, Sweet

THC Range: 18%

Physical Characteristics

Wide, forest-green fanleaves give rise to purple and green flowers that reach the size of torpedoes with burnt-orange pistils and milky-white trichomes.



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Original Maui Waui is cross with Dutch Hawaii Skunk #1 Seeds. This unique F1 hybrid grows generally tall with thick round leaves at first and thin leaves as it approaches maturity. The skunk crossing brings the harvest time down considerably without losing too much of the Hawaiian characteristics. Hawaiian x Skunk #1 produces relatively smooth smoke, exotic flavor, and a moderate to strong physical up high.Buy Hawaii-Skunk Online Montana Order Hawaii-Skunk Online Texas Hawaii-Skunk for sale in Ohio Best quality of marijuana Buy weed online

Hawaii x Skunk 1 seeds is suitable for greenhouse cultivation as well. you can try different marijuana seeds for sale on our website and find the most popular seeds.Order weed online Texas

This amazing weed boasts its heavy trip effect, perfect for those who want strong marijuana to enjoy. The Hawaii Skunk is a cross between original Hawaiian cannabis and Skunk#1 which explains the broad leaves and bright-color pistons. Users have report that it is one of the most potent pot in the market and its effects are elevating at first but turn heavy in longer periods.

The Hawaii Skunk grows to about 60-90 cm and its yieldcan reach a bountiful 350-450 grams per square meter. This strain is relatively easy to cultivate and many starting marijuana growers have successfully cultivated the plant in moderate supervision. Although the Hawaii Skunk plant can be grown indoors, most farmers popularly grow this strain outdoors. Because it is one of the most potent weeds around and the ease of cultivation, this strain is a wide choice among growers and users who enjoy high THC levels.

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  • Hawaii Skunk is a crossbreed of the original Hawaiian marijuana strain and Skunk #1. Such combination resulted in this type of cannabis having a hash-like and musky aroma.
  • This is an attractive marijuana plant that produces red and orange colas.
  • The THC level is high (15% to 20%) and smoking the buds will produce a Sativa high that is uplifting and trippy.Buy Cannabis Banana Bread
  • It will give the grower a high yield of 400 grams per plant .Best quality of marijuana
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Growing Hawaii Skunk Tips

Hawaii  is not the strain for new growers. Cultivating this strain needs a bit of expertise. It is mostly Sativa so outdoor cultivation is recommend to give them more space.Dark.Buy chemdawg weed online Florida

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good quality

Great and very powerful strain. Great at helping with insomnia and leaves you with a sutisfying taste after it is smoked. Great smell and prefferably consumed before you go to bed. Do not consume a big amount if your not an expirienced smoker!